Foundation of the Holy Monastery of PROUSOU

The name of the Monastery is due to the miraculous icon of “Our Panagia of Prussia”. According to tradition, this icon comes from Bursa in Asia Minor and is believed to be the work of Luke the Evangelist. The icon of the Virgin Mary was located in a church in Proussa, but fearing that it will be destroyed based on the decree of the Byzantine iconoclast emperor Theophilos (829-842), he fled to Central Greece. Tradition links the sanctuary of the icon, the current site of the Monastery, with miracles that occurred during the transfer of the icon there. The young man who carried it, together with one of his servants, decided to establish a monastery at this spot as they found it impossible to move the image from there. They themselves became the first monks, with the names Dionysios and Timotheus.

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Revolution 1821

A few years before the uprising of 1821, the spiritual Kyrillos Kastanofyllis was sent to the monastery as abbot. He was a member of the Friendly Society and the pretext was to correct his alleged spiritual and moral decline. Immediately and based on a plan, he organized and operated the “School of Greek Letters” (1818-1828). The Monastery was a center of political guidance of the liberation struggle (there are letters of Mavrocordatos etc.). He played a crucial role in the entire management of the siege of Messolonghi and also in saving many after the destruction of the “Exodus”. It functioned throughout the match as a hospital and convalescent hospital for the wounded. Karaiskakis had his headquarters in the monastery. In fact, General Karaiskakis donated the silver cover of the icon as a sign of gratitude for the heat, which was bothering him and from which he was cured during his stay in the Monastery. The Vault of the Monastery today has the weapons of Karaiskakis. A large part of the Monastery was burned by the Germans on August 16, 1944, because it was a support center for the Resistance rebels. Many relics, utensils, manuscripts and books were destroyed, but not the most precious one icon of the Virgin, which had been placed in a crypt. After the Civil War, the rebuilding of the Monastery was started again by the abbot Germanos, which was continued in the 1970s by the then abbot of the monastery and later abbot of the Holy Monastery of Dochiario of Mount Athos Grigorios.


The Vault of the Monastery contains a number of precious manuscripts of Codices, icons, sacred vessels, reliquaries and books. The Monastery houses an interesting museum with some of the treasures, such as icons from the 15th and 16th centuries, holy vestments, silver and gold chalices, handwritten codices, printed books and the sword of Karaiskakis. Outside the Monastery there are two castles on the left and right, the “towers of Karaiskakis”

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